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Temples are built for gods. Knowing this a farmer builds a small temple to see what kind of god turns up.

A friendship soon blossoms between the farmer Arepo and the god of transient nothingness, ever-lasting across famine and war, grief and heartbreak, - even as the god believes itself undeserving.

A short comic adaptation of the popular collaborative storytelling hit from Tumblr. In honour of God of Arepo’s birth as a creative open source, proceeds earned during its debut run at ShortBox Comics Fair 2022 were split between the Ministry of Stories (UK) and Mighty Writers (US), both organisations dedicated to fostering the love of literature in children from marginalised backgrounds.

I highly encourage you to donate to those two non-profits!

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AuthorReimena Yee
TagsArt Book, Comics, DRM Free, Historical, Short


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This was very good!


I was captivated by this story, an expressive parable in the form of a colorful comic book. I wanted to translate it into Ukrainian to make it accessible to my compatriots (not everyone knows English). How do you like this idea?


this is absolutely beautiful <3 the original story had me in tears and your art brings it to life


the love that radiates from this zine is like a cold drink on an oppressively hot and humid day. it is a treat, one that i love so dearly. thank you for sharing this with us.


Oh my god I love that you have this version, I've read it everytime I wanted a good cry while looking at beautiful art and now it's easier to read!


oh my god theyre the god of arepo


Man, I would love to buy a physical zine of this! It’s one of my favorite short stories, and your illustrations have added incredible depth and beauty to something already so wonderful. Thank you for your hard work!


Im not spiritual but this comic made me spiritual for a moment


Wow, such an impressive and lovely story, and how marvellously it is illustrated! Thanks a lot for almost making me cry during my work break! :)


I adore this story and your art fits it so well <3